Fairmont, WV to Louisville, KY


390 Miles

10 hours


Met two great dogs at the Stonewall Dam, Molly and Barney (no pictures). I think everyone may be friendly in West Virginia. Trivial Pursuit in the car. Mostly took highway, but stopped in Frankfurt and Paris and took some back roads between. Beautiful roads, lots of horses. Got the scoop (both in the sense of information and we got Valentine’s ice cream) from Janie Ardery at Ardery’s Antiques in Paris. I recommend you stop in. Found out about the best beef jerky in the world (http://www.minguabeefjerky.com/page2.html) and most caffienated beverage (http://www.ale8one.com/index.html?CFID=231857&CFTOKEN=42793210). Until the internet, both only available in Kentucky. Nice night in Louisville. Dave crushed me in pool. Crushed me. We also did some bowling and walked around. The weather is perfect.


Addendum: Apparently ale-8-1 should only be consumed from the glass bottles. The stuff in the plastic bottles and aluminum cans tastes different.


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